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VVAA – The Psychedelic Underground Generation Vol. 2

Vol.2 cover art

VVAA – The Psychedelic Underground Generation Vol. 2

Para ti que eres joven el segundo volumen de esta magnífica serie de recopilatorios de True Underground music, con loable labor de su ideólogo y seleccionador. Date un gustazo.


1.(the) Umbrella Cult-Mechanica 01:34
2.Black Light White Light -The New Line 04:32
3.The Same Old Band – Oh So Tired 03:42
4.The Jabberwocky Band-Prophet With A Gun 04:01
5.Dead Horse One – He Goes Down 04:39
6.The Black Waves – Full-Time Dreamers 04:15
7.The Squared Circle-Smoking heart 04:38
8.Haunted Leather-Diamond Sleep 05:56
9.Then Comes Silence- Slowly Dragging You Down 03:33
10.The Psychocandies-You feel the sun ( I kiss the floor ) 03:42
11.Dreamweapon – Black Mountain 04:16
12.Spanish Moss-Chemical Catherine 05:32
13.His Name Is Codeine -Before the Apple Fell 05:31
14.Bungalow Bums – No More 05:23
15.Early Maze-All There 05:28
16.Dirty Blonde Asylum – Too Much Heart in Soul 08:31
17.Celestial Bums-The Starry Night 11:09
18.Black Tabs-Can’t Fool Me 03:33
19.Nacosta – Take 04:42
20.The RocKandys-India 04:19
21.Heat-Everybody’s beneath the sun 05:20

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