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+HIRS+ – The First 100 Songs (2012)

+HIRS+ – The First 100 Songs (2012)

Para violentar el lunes tenemos a esta panda de degenerados procedentes de Philadelphia, grind-crust y todo lo garrulo comprimido en 100 píldoras que recopilan todos los temas de splits, eps y demás, hasta se dan el lujo de versionear a Nasum, Spazz o His Hero is Gone. Podéis escuchar el resto de referencias en su bandcamp, son muchas para llevar desde 2011 en marcha, pero en este genero ya se sabe.  +Info en su Web.


1.cis six sic 00:27
2.train wreck 00:30
3.selfish and arrogant 00:36
4.i pray to you, dog 00:43
5.unsympathetic 00:20
6.rape whistle pt. ii 00:20
7.donation to the deaf (jenny piccolo) 00:15
8.humyn right 00:08
9.burned down/pissed on 00:26
10.kuato lives 00:43
11.untitled 00:12
12.untitled 00:16
13.untitled 00:07
14.untitled 00:06
15.untitled 00:03
16.untitled 00:11
17.untitled 00:04
18.untitled 00:03
19.untitled 00:06
20.untitled 00:21 burnt black 00:34
22.dead pigs 00:30
23.forever queer 00:29
24.birth name 00:38
25.generations of vomit 00:53
26.get ‘em fixed 00:24
27.1,000 foot tall sissy bounce 00:04
28.endless payment for fucked 00:18
29.burger paws tomo 00:29
30.taking care opiparo business 00:36 gender/just friends 00:17
32.bottom power 00:20
33.kill cops 00:26
34.glitterfucked 00:41
35.we’ve all been demonized part ii 00:35
36.armpits and assholes 00:24
37.train wreck pt. ii 00:19
38.other meanings for the word ‘no’ 00:07
39.bong water 00:28
40.kill the litter pig 00:18
41.good dead humans 00:27 therapy 00:20
43.invisible shit 00:25
44.essence (asterisk) 00:53
45.pick up real change (xbrainiax) 00:10
46.killed by school (scholastic deth) 00:13
47.bobby’s jackpot jamboree (spazz) 00:11
48.letter to the president (bureaucratic dysentery) 00:13
49.the political structure is not what it seems… (nasum) 00:09
50.wrist still raw (iron lung) 00:13
51.we love choco-pa (melt banana) 00:16
52.disrespect your elders (weekend nachos) 00:09
53.outside in (his hero is gone) 00:19
54.ulcer (crossed out) 00:10
55.fuck christmas (hummingbird of death) 00:07
56.drinking with friends (hellnation) 00:15 (no comment) 00:14
58.holy of holies (ottawa) 01:21
59.getcha pull 00:45
60.blind as god 00:28 sound guy 00:17
62.justifiable reasons to murder 00:20
63.demonized and fucked 00:09
64.fucking stoned 00:08
65.NBGAY JAMZ 00:06
66.who starts smoking weed at 30? 00:05 years puke party 00:22
68.dimebag 02:45
69.chipquirrel 00:48
70.god food/god shit 00:35 days with donkey 00:06
72.summer of hedonism 00:06
73.autumn of sodom 00:06 had me at ‘woof’ 00:05
75.moon jizz in the dark room 00:06
76.mar’grrrr’itaville 00:08
77.we lost our car parts i & ii 00:05
78.the best part of gaygaytion 00:16 ears are totally fucked 00:26 magic 00:24 anthrope if you’re nasty 00:22
82.dead seeds 00:25
83.blastbeatphemy 00:10 fucks given 00:27
85.dead pigs part ii 00:21 heels 00:57
87.amber vapor (water torture) 00:44
88.keep grindin’ 00:44
89.unleash (his hero is gone) 00:20
90.paranoia secured (his hero is gone) 00:21
91.larngenest 5ixsth mernots evies 00:30
92.drums like machined buns 00:24
93.vulgar display of panda bear 00:27
94.satans gay baby, thank dog 00:44
95.smoke dope/smoke cops 00:40
96.trans parent 00:16
97.panda bear will live forever 00:16
98.fucked and forlorne forever 00:07
99.fuck the pigs part ii 00:02
100.blastbeatphemy part ii 00:17

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