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Hellseth Bent – Inmortal Garbage (2010)

Punk lo fix, lofísimo me atrevería a decir.


1.Alone at home 00:58

2.Shuttle drivin’ man 02:11

3.Maquiladora, Seniora 02:33

4.Freed from overlord 03:32

5.Tight pants trend 00:59

6.You bite like a horse 02:31

7.Goddam rabbit! 01:51

8.One nation, extra cheese 02:44

9.Kick their ass! Take their gas! 02:13

10.Over the shoulder boulder holder 01:39

11.Suicidal stoner 02:34

12.Coffee lady 02:25

13.Mr. Nice Guy 02:31

14.My UFO experience 02:15

15.The rats are not my pals 02:15

16.Sex with mother nature 01:33

17.Worm rock 02:30

18.The story of Fallout 01:30

19.Jenny Crank diet 02:17

20.Addictive personalities 02:34

21.Supercrappienated 02:40

22.Immortal garbage 01:30

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